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Round 4 Sign Ups

1. You must be a member and have read the rules first before signing up.
2. There can be up to 3 people that can choose each actor/actress. You must choose a different cast member after an actor/actress has been chosen three times.
3. Please sign up if you are committed to finishing the challenge. If you can't, please let me know beforehand.
4. Ask any questions you like, I will do my best to answer them.
5. Feel free to use banner(s) here to pimp the community.
6. Sign-ups close on JANUARY 1ST or when we reach 20 participants.
7. Use this format to sign up:

Actor/Actress (1st choice):
Actor/Actress (2nd choice): 
Your country:

11/20 (CLOSED)
 [info]thatdamnkiss Chris Colfer Argentina
 [info]miaka_zuster Darren Criss Mexico
 [info]blondeboy69 Lea Michele Canada
 [info]beatsagain Dianna Agron USA
 [info]jjjjordo Chris Colfer USA
 [info]n_iinza Cory Monteith Netherlands
christinaa88Naya RiveraAustria
cryptictvDarren CrissUSA
 [info]ankeymoney Jayma MaysGermany 
 [info]samelthecamelMark SallingAustralia 
 [info]csichick_2 Lea MicheleUSA 
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