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Round 4 Rules & Info

Round 4 Rules
• All icons must be made specifically for this community. No prior work can be submitted.
• It is preferred that your actor/actress be out of character in your icons, so only up to 4 icons may be of your actor/actress as their character on the show.
• All work must be your own, not someone else's.
• Be sure all icons are PG rated. Meaning no extreme sexuality or violence visible. If you're unsure, ask.
• Icons must fit the livejournal standard, under 40 kb, 100x100px and in either .png, .gif, or .jpg file format.
• You can either link us to your icon journal giving 3 examples, (not banners) and a link to your icon post or you can post them here under a cut, still giving 3 examples before it.
• All icon posts must be public. We don't want to have to join/friend you in order to see your icons.
• All entries are moderated, which means that I have to accept the entry before it's made visible to the public.
• Please use the provided table to post your icons for convenience.
• Do not add tags to your entries. A moderator will do it for you.
• Do add a subject. FORMAT AS: Round # - your actor/actress.
• Completed 20 are due JANUARY 21ST.

10 THEMES - Half, Red, *My Ship, Plaid, One Letter, Eyes, Dressed Up, Light, *Winter, Sitting Down 
5 CATEGORY - Emotions - Each of the five icons must feature your claim expressing five different emotions. For example: happy, sad, angry, excited, etc.

• *My Ship - This icon will feature your actor/actress with another person you ship them with. For example, if your claim is Cory Monteith, you could use an image with him and Lea Michele.
• *Winter - This icon will let you use your imagination with the season. Your claim could be wearing winter wear (jacket, scarf, etc.) or you could perhaps add a texture with snowflakes.


Questions or need examples? Ask here :)

Happy New Year, everyone!
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